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Knowing what your child is learning helps you support them throughout their education.

In this section you can find out how public education works and the range of learning opportunities offered for students to challenge their thinking, and make the most of their unique talents.

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Class Blogs

This year, we are very excited to announce that each class at Lindfield Public School will have its own Class Blog. The purpose of our LPS Class Blogs is to inform parents of what is happening in their child's classroom. Teachers will regularly post information and the Class Parent will also be able to post social or necessary organisational information for the class. 

We trust that you will enjoy viewing your child's blog and connecting with their learning. Don't forget to share the blog with your child and talk to them about what they are doing in their classroom. Links are available below and please speak to your class teacher for the necessary password.

K-2 Blogs

3-6 Blogs

Ms Michelle Brown KB

Mrs Lauren Viskovich/ Mrs Nicole Carters 3CV

Mrs Nicole Capper KC

Mr Patrick Gortley 3R

Miss Laura Marks KM

Miss Kiara Sweeney 3E

Miss Vivienne Sachs KV

Miss Samantha Sorrell 3S

Miss Sarah Buckle KS

Miss Danielle Nero 4N

Mrs Tahnee Consalvi 1C

Miss Lindsay Taylor 4T

Miss Kathryn Dunger 1D

Miss Kate Waters/Mrs Sarah Batistich 4WB

Miss Elise Hutchinson 1H

Miss Alix Spillane 5A

Mrs Julia Degan 1J

Miss Fiona Gibb 5G

Mrs Robyn Scott 1S

Mrs Kym Shield 5S

Mrs Melissa McWhinney 1M

Mr Cyrus Katrak 5/6K

Mr Trent Gardinar 2T

Ms Jane DelValle 5/6D

Miss Anna Maclaine 2M

Mrs Ameet Sian 6A

Mrs Jackie Pentelow/ Mrs Susan Taylor 2PT

Mr Daniel Smith 6S

Miss Hannah Ginges 2G

Please contact class teachers for the password to each class blog.

Mrs Louise Hallinan and Mrs Elke Kroi 2HK